How to Pick the Right Hair Color

How to Pick the Right Hair Color

Jul 13

You may want to change the color of your hair for many reasons, like when you want a new look or when there is a special occasion, such as a wedding. You may think that choosing the right hair color is complicated, but it shouldn’t be.

Find colors you like

One of the most obvious ways to pick the right hair color is to choose colors you like, because you can never go wrong with them. You can also look at pictures online and imagine how specific colors will look like onto you.

Plan your new look

After determining the colors you like for your hair, you can search for hairstyles online to see how these hairstyles can match your desired colors. It is also a good idea to look for celebrities who have these styles and colors so they will be easier to imagine onto yourself.

Imagine this look onto yourself

Sometimes, merely liking a color and a hairstyle is not enough. The combination should also look good on you. You can determine this by looking at your features, such as the shape of your face, the color of your eyes, and the tone of your skin.

Consider its feasibility

After finding the color and hairstyle you like and will probably look good to you as well, you can start thinking about its practicality and convenience. Do you have the time to go to the salon to create such a specific look? Does the style look too outrageous that you will be uncomfortable? Does it look like it needs a lot of maintenance?

Recheck your plans in the salon

Be doubtful of your color and style even when you are already in the salon. You can look at the hair samples to see if the color and style really suits you in an unbiased way. It is also a good idea to consider the suggestions of the stylists. In fact, there are salons who even accept consultations, such as the Therapy Hair Salon.

Be confident of your new look

After everything is said and done, end the day and be confident of your new look. No matter how good it looks on you, it will never achieve its optimal form until you learn how to appreciate it and be confident about it.